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Liquid Paper is a blog for the daily, weekly or sometimes less frequent observations, photography and creations of Laurie Bertrand.


After spending twelve years in Houston, Texas my husband and I moved to Sioux Falls, SD in 2006. I've always been creative and interested in art and design. I make and photograph everything that you see on my site. I am available for free lance design at

If you have questions about my photography feel free to email me. I use a Canon Digital Rebel with a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro Lens, and a Tamron Autofocus 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di II Lens (both for Canon Digital SLR Cameras).

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May 14, 2007

"Laurie Bertrand has always loved art and design. All the crafts you see on her blog, Liquid Paper, are made and photographed by (Laurie) herself, from the teensy pins to the soft toys to the fabric bags. The photographs alone are colorful works of art, but the masterpieces contained within them are equally worthy of praise. Laurie sees beauty in everything; only in her hands could her trusty Canon Digital Rebel capture the magical beauty of… toast. If there’s art and design to be had, Laurie will find it, make it, and photograph it. Don’t forget to take a look at her Mod Dots shop where some of your favorite items are bound to turn up."


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